Emilis Borealis
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Emilis Borealis / Emelie Österlund
Independant Artist and Comic Creator

I'm a gay woman in my early twenties currently working on my webcomic project; the sapphic space opera Pandanzeia. I also have a secondary fantasy project, Principia Escenca, which is right now idle.

This website is a presentation of my projects and work, and if you like it, consider following me on the links below!

Where to Follow Me

  • Deviantart - EmilisBorealis.deviantart.com - This is where I post all finished art, as well as weekly recap updates of my current progress.
  • Instagram - @EmilisBorealis - This is where I post WIP's, sketches and progress pictures (also the occasional dog photo). Right now, this is where I'm most active and post most frequently.
  • Twitter - @EmilisBorealis - This is where I... well, talk shit and ramble mostly. But I also auto-posts many of my instagram photos and I'll post updates of finished art and everything important.
  • Tumblr - EmilisBorealis.tumblr.com - An alternative follow source for my art. I auto-share most of my progress pictures from instagram here, and I also post my finished art here.
  • Pandanzeia Tumblr - Pandanzeia.tumblr.com - Tumblr for Pandanzeia. All finished Pandanzeia-related art, updates and other things can be found here.
  • Principia Escenca Tumblr - PrincipiaEscenca.tumblr.com - Tumblr for Principia Escenca. All finished Principia Escenca-related art, updates and other things can be found here.

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Pandanzeia is a space opera webcomic following the queer female crew of the flagship of the Star Navy, the SNS Pandanzeia, through their personal stories and mission to explore, research and defend.

Pandanzeia is a multiple plotline character-focused story about exploration, adventure, action, lesbian romance, optimism and positivity.

Current Status

Pandanzeia is in late planning stage. I'm working hard on getting character portraits and references as well as concepts and designs for vessels, uniforms and other worldbuilding things done. I'm also working on writing the script.

When this is done, or close to done, I'll start the work on the actual comic!

You can follow my progress on deviantart, instagram, tumblr and twitter, links can be found further up!


The Cast

Pandanzeia follows the 40 sapphic women (plus a dog and cat) of the senior staff and marine, explorer and astronaut teams of the flagship SNS Pandanzeia.

The story primarily centers around the two main characters, FADM Abwaneema L'Shanwe and CAPT Novalie Varg, the Fleet Admiral and the Captain of the ship.

Body Reference Lineup

Upcoming project; my plan is to start it once I finish the alien species lineup (so that I've got my alien designs solidified). I've got the full character lineup already sketched.

The World

Pandanzeia centers around the Calmerian Republic and its Star Navy, an 1200 years old interstellar republic founded by a group of colony ships that escaped persecution by an oppressive and powerful empire that then existed.

The story primarily focuses on the combined exploration and military organisation, the Star Navy. More specifically, the flagship of the Star Navy's highest-ranking admiral.

The Starship

The story is set primarily on the calmerian flagship SNS Pandanzeia, a full-rigged star cruiser. The ship is the flaghip of Fleet Admiral Abwaneema L'Shanwe, the Commander of the Star Navy, and its flag captain is Captain Novalie Varg.

I'm working on the ship's external design, (new) deck plans, as well as designs for the embarked boats and craft.

SNS Pandanzeia - External Design

The full-rigged star cruiser SNS Pandanzeia SCR-4450 is a 270m long exploration and military starship and the titular main ship of the Pandanzeia webcomic. She's a newly built ship with an ancient legacy and per calmerian tradition is purpose-built to be the flagship of the Commander of the Star Navy.

Here are the external designs of the Pananzeia, for now only including lateral/profile views but will when finished also include bow, aft, ventral and dorsal views.

SNS Pandanzeia - Deck Plans

Around April 4 I was sketching potential external designs for the ship and ended up with something that unfortunately wasn't compatible with the existing deck plans. I'd also been working on trying to add two decks for the flag command to the exisiting decks, which was mostly getting frustrating - so I've decided to start over and do entirely new deck plans along with the new ship design.

The new deck plans will be something around 11 decks. I'm planning to make them in conjugation with the external designs this time around, and I'm also planning on taking a slightly more relaxed approach to them when drawing them. Hopefully that'll also mean they'll be faster and easier to make this time around.

Embarked Vessels, Spacecraft and Vehicles

This will include designs of all the embarked vessels, vehicles and spacecraft, including an aerospaceship and accompanying aerogeomarine vehicle, fighter spaceplanes, shuttles, escape pods and utility pods.

Deck Plans (v. 1.0 - obselete)

As of May 2017 these deck plans are obselete; See the explanation furthest up the Starship section. That's not to say these deck plans are wasted time, I'll have great use of them to refer back to when working on the new ones!

Finished on October 3rd, this massive behemoth of work took me around 2 years, give or take, from the first sketches on paper, to the finalized digital deck plans.

The main starship of the story, the Pandanzeia, is a big full-rigged hyper-delta cruiser, 251 m long, 58 m wide and 79 m tall (not including the solar sails).

The Story and Website


Pandanzeia will be a rather open-ended, semi-episodic story, where while it'll primarily follow the two main characters (and couple) and the starship and her backstory, it'll also delve into sub-plots with the other characters in the cast.

The script, as of 5 May 2017, has a the first volume outlined, the second draft of the first chapter in progress, plus the second chapter's outline in progress.


The website is being made entirely by myself, including coding and graphics, with CouchCMS as the cms.

It's pretty much done, save for most graphics and some details and optimization here and there.


Principia Escenca is about a fantasy animal called eohrosa and their world and gods that have been thrown into turmoil - and a mismatched group of 9 eohrosa who must save it.

It's an adventure fantasy about a wild world where no humans exists, a world built on eight elements with magic, mythological creatures, deities, nature, wilderness - and the eohrosa, a sentient omnivorous four-legged creature that between different races ranges from the size of a tiger to that of a moose.

Current Status

I'm currently rewriting the story from scratch, and it's not currently my priority, so this might take awhile.

Principia Escenca has its roots in the many iterations and versions of the eohrosa and their world. I created the eohrosa, or what would become it, before I started school, and somehow this particular made up creature stuck with me throughout my life. You can imagine the quite dramatic changes they've gone through.

What would really be the beginning of Principia Escenca however came somewhere after I'd finished ninth grade, when I'd out of shame from family and peers had pushed away and ignored my beloved creatures for several years but now had my little critters resurface, but with little new irresistable ideas of a world based on the classical elements and subtypes of the eohrosa for each element.

This idea evolved over time, and though at first I only dabbled on it - kinda in secret - I soon started working on it seriously. Not too long ago, a year or so maybe, I actually started the comic, and finished five pages, but I discontinued it. Since then I've primarily worked on Pandanzeia, and only occasionally worked on Principia Escenca. More recently in 2016 I was hit by a new wave of ideas and I began a complete rewrite of the story.

My goal now with Principia Escenca is to finish the complete script before I try making it into a comic again. When that'll happen, I have no idea.

The Cast

The World


The big calendar of the eohrosa was a long-going project. I finished it many years ago but kept editing and adding to it until it became what you see here.

The calendar is a lot more than a simple calendar, and is perhaps more symbolic than a practical time-keeping device.

At the very center is a pointer that points to the eclipse seasons, and around it is the universal clock. Going outwards is the moon phases, seasons, moons (months), ests (weeks), days and nights (those are seperate according to eohrosa), the creation story, a celestial calendar and a star calendar.

But more than that, the calendar is also a map of the eohrosa's geocentric world; the inner clock and calendar represents the planet Eohrosaeya, the creation story represent the empty space outside of it, the celestial calendar represents the planets and their orbits, the star calendar represents the massive expanse where stars are found.

The moons also represents the elements and their order and relation to each.